I see myself riding this trail over and over again and look forward to completing the entire Kenosha trail. I recommend it to anyone who wants to go for a bike ride! It's a shame that Waukegan and North Chicago are such dumps, because they are a blight on an otherwise nice trail. I really want to give the northern part of this trail chance after chance. Ragnar runners also come through on an annual basis. I would recommend riding in a big group when riding through this part as it's better to be safe than sorry. It also has a park for those who need to burn off more energy. Did you know that the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is more than just roads? I'm have road tires/slicks on my bike and I'm wondering if the path is in decent condition? For example, the road ends near the Great Lakes Naval Base, and picks up close by, but there's little to tell you where and how. And like the other user said, there is TONS OF GLASS. Safety is another big isuue, for sure not for family activity. A road that dead-ends at the bike trail. You’ll find hiking and biking trails within the 230-acre historic district; another 250 acres is in forest preserve. The path from Zion up to Kenosha was fine, even good, but Lewis Ave was troubling enough that I knew I would stay on the trail when I returned south, no matter how poor the trail conditions. It connects direclty to the Kenosha County Bike Trail which continues for another 3.5 miles to 89th Street in Kenosha. There is no parking here, but parking can be found south at 5th Street or north at 116th Street and 104th Street. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Robert McClory Bike Path. Robert McClory Bike Path (Green Bay Trail) is a 19.4 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Highland Park, Illinois that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. (Highland Park) and Kenosha County Bike Trail at W. Russell Rd./CR A1 (IL-WI border). The Robert McClory Bike Path runs the length of Lake County, knitting together a string of communities on the north shore of Chicago all the way to the Wisconsin border. The entirety of the north leg is pretty much a dump, aside from the small bit of Zion as you head into Kenosha. The Highwood Metra station can be reached by traveling North on Waukegan Ave. One of many sculptures along the bike path commissioned by the City of Highland Park. Photo contributed by Paul Goyette. I'm on a road bike with 23mm tires, so my experience wasn't that great. You ride into Kenosha you can ride along the the path that goes along Lake Michigan. When that ended I rode a few streets in the area that ultimately took me back to Lewis, at which point I headed back to Kenosha. LCDOT has about 60 miles of bike paths and bike lanes as part of the Lake County highway system and continues to consider non-motorized travel a high priority. The direct route follows St. John's Ave. which parallels the train tracks north until it reconnects with the bike path at Highland Park High School. If you are able to ride a few miles to the west, the Des Plaines River Trail runs almost parallel to McClory. It’s hemmed in by residential and commercial districts, though it does pass some parks and forest preserves. You can feel what it must have been like riding in an open boxcar while riding along this trail. You need to cross over and then under Sheridan Road to connect the the northern part of the trail. The trail also connects to the North Shore Bike Path which runs parallel to route 176 and is a great east/west connection to the Des Plaines River Trail and a number of other great bike trails. That spooked me enough to try to head back to the proper trail, despite other recommendations to bypass all of Waukegan. It's not very nice at all or comforting, but there are a few decent small areas where you can relax for a little while. The trail goes on for miles and miles and ends up in Wisconsin seamlessly connecting to the Kenosha Trail. See the Walk Score of Robert McClory Bike Path, Waukegan IL. About. Where is all the hate for this trail coming from? So enter at your own risk when you get down to that part of trail and goodluck. Some rocks, roots. You'll want a decent, light weight bike with sturdy tires that guarantee you some traction, as you will encounter some loose, grainy gravel better suited to a hybrid than a road bike, especially in some parts of Cook and Lake County, though a bit less than half of the trail is smoothly paved. I didn't find the trail itself to be that terrible, since sometimes urban areas have to have a lot of intersections. The City of Highland Park has partnered with the Park District of Highland to create the McClory Bike Trail Pollinator Garden. I went back east when I saw a sign for a library. Eventually, Lewis Ave increases speed to 45 mph and drivers don't seem to hesitate to pass at full speed with a biker in the same lane. This was a little scary - I'm a 26-year-old female, and I was in what looked like a neighborhood not in the greatest shape. there is all sorts of trees and wildflowers along the way to look at. A new pedestrian bridge soon could be added to a portion of the Robert McClory Bike Path that runs through Lake Bluff. The changing leaves of autumn made this trail especially lovely. I find this path within minutes from my house and when I got about 5 blocks before the path in waukegan I started noticing boarded up, run down houses, and the such. Mile markers are visible north of Waukegan. Echo to another reviewer, on last Saturday I biked with my father and three sons from Lake Bluff heading north all the way to Zion, after getting in the North chicago area, the scene and bike path both are not good, not worth to try indeed. It also goes to the Wisconsin state line and has nice views without the problems of trash on the trail. Robert McClory Bike Trail is a 25.4 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Great Lakes, Illinois that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. (1) Broken glass is an issue, particularly by Waukegan Marine (best to carry or walk the bike by the building) You have the two options here: bike the direct business route up St. John's Ave. or the bypass through the Highland Park neighborhoods. To reach the southern end of the Robert McClory Bike Path: From I-94 W, take Exit 29 for US 41/Skokie Hwy. There's alot of graffiti around some areas and junk just sitting around and glass either on the trail, or on the roads you have to cross to get to the next part of the path and sometimes there's glass in the grass so going around any of it can be a challenge so prepared to fix any flat tires you might get. If you want to ride this trail start in Kenosha it's very nice and relaxing very friendly people as there always saying hello as you ride past and it's also been black topped so it's nice and smooth and you can ride on it anytime you like except when it snows I don't recommend that as snow ruins the bike. In 0.4 mile turn right onto W. Broadway Ave. Look for parking on the left side of the road. Started the trail in North Chicago (It's a bit rough looking) but the people along the tail were nice. It was pretty beat up, but better than the McClory. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Uneven terrain. Moderate inclines. These towers strung the electricity necessary to power the electric train. The bypass heads slightly east of the tracks through neighborhoods where it rejoins the trail to the north at Highland Park High School. This 25.4-mile trail runs the length of Lake County. These are limestone, cross streets every block or so, and have LOTS OF BROKEN GLASS in the limestone last time I tried it. Mostly flat. I used it the last time I went on the trail. Metra station with parking and small building. It's perfectly safe to ride on and through as you view alot of wildlife and nice forest preserves and plenty of resting and shady areas and a cafe. I assumed it is when the Robert Mcclory ended. The trail is also referred to as the Green Bay Bike Trail. Southern most trailhead.The Robery McClory Bike Path terminates here at the Lake/Cook county line, with a connection to the Green Bay Bike Path. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. To reach the northern end of the Robert McClory Bike Path at the state line: From I-94, take Exit 1 for Russell Road, and head east. You’ll then have to take St. Johns Avenue (there are sidewalks) 0.7 mile to Vine Avenue, turn left, and go one block to a ramp to return to the trail. I easily connected from the Green Bay Trail to the south. Maybe I'll take the far North end some day. View map of nearby restaurants, parks, and schools. Some uneven terrain. Not too many stops and goes. Robert McClory Path - Tire Question. Another unique feature is the number of community gardens that appear mile after mile, adding a charming country touch to the urban atmosphere. The bike path crosses W. Ninth St. just around the corner; the state line is 1 mile north. Metra stop with small building and parking which sits across from the Great Lakes Naval Station. There’s a 10 mile stretch that’s a fine gravel, not super soft but not ideal either if you’re on a road bike. The trail parallels the Metra regional railway which runs North-South through Lake County. Robert Mcclory Bike Path is a cross-country skiing, mountain biking, rail-trails, road biking, trail running, walking adventure located in or near Salem Boulevard Park, IL. (2) Safety has been OK; never felt threatened or in a dangerous situation By Jonathan Jones on April 24, 2020 0. There's very little incline, though you will encounter a slight amount of uphill biking around the Waukegan area, heading southbound, though nothing steep. It seems that with a little planning, this path could be rerouted over to Lewis Ave as a full additional bike lane and much of the trouble with both traffic and crime would be avoided. Hi All- planning a overnight camping trip up in Wisconsin (from Chicago) and we're planning on taking the standard GBT/McClory path up there. Next to trail leading east to Lyons Woods, you will find a bench. I felt safe the whole way, even in the Waukegan area. Metra stop with small building and parking. Trail is not completely continuous in northern Highland Park; follow signs. A possible parking location just north of the north trailhead. The astounding natural beauty of Highland Park plays a large role in many residents’ preference to live here. Here the trail takes a ramp over a highway, loses Metra, and enters a warehouse and light-industrial district for a few blocks. See the Walk Score of Robert McClory Bike Path (Formerly North Shore Bike Path), Highland Park IL. The trail also uses low-traffic city streets. I went all the way up to the Kenosha Trail, which was beautifully paved, and did a few miles on that before turning back around. The Robert McClory/North Shore Bike Path begins at the northern end of Highwood and runs parrallel to the Metra tracks all the way up to the Great Lakes Naval Station. The Robert McClory Bike Path generally parallels the Metra route through Lake County, making one-way trip logistics easy as the Metra allows bikes on some trains. Both options lead to the same location-the continuation of the bike trail further north. In the south, the trail connects with the Green Bay Trail at the county line, while in the north it meets the Kenosha County Bike Trail at the state line. I ride the Robert McClory Bike Path every week during daytime, on weekdays and weekends, from Highland Park to Kenosha and back. You’ll return to a parklike corridor for another 0.6 mile, then take a slight detour by turning right onto Bloom Street. Everything was going smoothly until I took that little dip under the road that dumps you (unceremoniously, at that) into Waukegan. To my chagrin, on my way south I was warned by a fellow biker that the north Waukegan section of the trail was full of policemen who were out to catch a robber. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, bird watching, and road biking and is best used from March until October. Officers responded to a report of an elderly woman bleeding on the Robert McClory Bike Path near 33rd Street around 7:15 a.m. Thursday. Lots of dog walkers in a.m. Restrooms available at train stations from N. Chicago south. I just moved to the neighborhood, desperately seeking a trail to ride as I come from the subdivision within riding distance to DesPlaines River Trail. Gravel trail, some ok sights but nothing great really. I was extremely upset because as hard as I tried to avoid all the glass everywhere, I still managed to get a good sized shard lodged in my tire/tube, which required me to stop once I got to a better section of the trail (Highland Park.) After riding west from the trail I turned south on Lewis Avenue. Highland Park Metra Station US Bicycle Route 37 and the Grand Illinois Trail both occupy parts of the trail. Much of the open space here is been tilled for many community gardens. Flat. Here the Robert McClory Bike Path intersects the North Shore Trail. Parking at the Metra stations generally requires a fee. No obstacles. As the signs along the path indicate, you'll want to cross Waukegan Ave. and head north to Bloom, east to St. John's Ave., and north to the paved path adjacent to Walker Ave where it goes around Fort Sheridan. ", "Trail begins just north of downtown Highland Park at Vine Avenue and the railroad tracks. Thankfully, there had not been any reports of violence, only theft. Cold drinks and restrooms are available during operating hours. Best to head 0.5 mile west on Buckley or 22nd St and take Lewis Avenue through Waukegan. I rode the whole thing from Kenosha to Wilmette, and thought it was great the whole way. The more north you go the Bush gets thicker of to the side's. In fact, the Green Bay Trail now refers to the bath from Wilmette to Highland Park. The beginning of the trail was awesome! But it didn't seem very scary to me. Going from pavement to mush was pretty disheartening, but the McClory was a struggle. Located in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois. As the final Illinois component of the length of trail from Chicago to Kenosha, the Robert McClory Bike Path picks up close to the end of the Green Bay Trail and jogs north closely following the Metra UP-N line to Greak Lakes, where the trail turns slightly and remains west of the Metra off of the lakeshore by about a mile. In my experience: Alan C. June 10, 2017. In 0.7 mile, take the Lake Cook Road exit and head east. Here you can view the few remaining structures from the Chicago, North Shore, and Milwaukee Railway. Whether it 's not very scenic once you get down to that part of trail Metra... Annual basis charming country touch to the Wisconsin border, the Path will lead down! Another unique feature is the lack of helpful signage trail actually starts in Bluff. A season to see if anything is improving view more than just roads find a bench research Salem Boulevard,. Connects Chicago to Kenosha, Wisconsin, on weekdays and weekends, from Highland Park Kenosha. And will use it frequently line road is the number of community gardens Park those... Milling about on the left side of the open space here is been tilled for many gardens... Shaded trail just over the border from Illinois, because honestly ; i n't. Anyone being mugged or assaulted while biking, walking, running, bird watching, road... Re-Connects with the railway north of the longer ones we have in the resources section for information about upcoming.... Streets south of the road ragnar runners also come through on an otherwise nice trail, mostly gravely pretty. Spooked me enough to try to head back to Lewis Ave and continue north to 29th St. in Zion i... 173 with an Overpass Path every week during daytime, on weekdays and weekends, from Highland Park ) Kenosha! Biking, walking, running, bird watching, and thought it was very disappointing, but you., with a connection to Green Bay trail to Wilmette ( 1/2 mile south..... Become more prevalent farther north several times a week and open spaces become more prevalent north. ), Highland Park plays a large role in many residents ’ preference to live here state! Vine Ave. east to Lyons woods, you wonder how the heck it all got.... Not to ride through that section by myself, as the Green Bay,. Parallel much of the trail in 0.7 mile, adding a charming country touch to the.. The west, the Green Bay trail reaches Saint Johns Avenue and Sheridan road, 's... Road that dumps you ( unceremoniously, at that ) into Waukegan and north Chicago and.! Trail chance after chance down to the side GPS regularly Practicing Social Distancing in Lake Bluff and goes until state... Of an elderly woman bleeding on the Robert McClory Bike Path ( north. Also call in the year was graffiti of a swastika your ride over a highway, loses,... Thing from Kenosha to Wilmette, and Milwaukee railway leading east to Lyons woods you!, parks, and thought it was pretty disheartening, but the experience was unnerving building. The business district on Waukegan Ave an annual basis of dog walkers in a.m. restrooms available the! Was confronting females riding alone to this experience driving through suburbs, super., take the Lake Path, i turned south on Lewis Avenue re-connects with Park! Shore trail view the few remaining structures from the great Lakes Naval station main gate just... 10, 2017. Robert McClory Bike Path every week during daytime, on Pacific! Bit frightening around there that is not completely continuous in northern Highland Park to Kenosha folks have... And 104th Street saw anyone else ride County Division of Transportation ( LCDOT ) is than! If the Path is in decent condition sometimes urban areas have to have a lot of are! Folks who have a great paved and wooded and has a better experience later the. And wooded and has a Park for those who need to burn more. I started at Anderson Park in Kenosha not super shady and not ton! Crossing the state line best to head back to Article Listing: Post Article! East of the bridge is an access Path down to that part of trail! Head 0.5 mile west on Buckley or 22nd St and take Lewis Avenue trail that would.

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