Cal is a life-long learner, and loves to help others get into this sport he's so passionate about. This is a no drill and tap scope mount for installation on the cuts made by the Ruger factory. My sense is that Burris are about a third of the way to a solution, their inserts are good, but the mounts and fastening mechanisms they use are pretty average. Home / Rifles / Scope Mounts / Best Scope Mount – What The Pros Use. Appreciate the content. With that said, let’s dive right in! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Cal, I too, would like to thank you for your exactness of detail and presentations in such a way that the novice long range shooter can gain useful insight (to say the least) and the experienced long range shooter can stay abreast of technological advances related to this sport. The majority of them have to buy all their gear, and spending $500 on a mount probably seems excessive. There are really no limitations to what can be attached – I’ve even seen a GoPro camera mounted to a Spuhr. When using ATC with a 10 shot group what would be an acce... Shootin’ Okie: Thanks, for replying. I think this post does a good job explaining the elevation travel aspect of this, so I won’t repeat all that here. © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved. Add a straight, match-grade barrel that is also square with the receiver face, and a high-quality scope mount that is centered and square … and I’m pretty sure you won’t have misalignment. Scope Mount For Ruger Blackhawk Air Rifle And Survival 22 Rifle Ruger Low Price 2019 Ads, Deals and Sales. I definitely learned something looking into that. I have a set of their 20MOA QD mounts for my S&B 5-25×56 and couldn’t be happier. It’d probably still work, but your image quality when you look through the scope might be poorer (could be slightly distorted). Thus, .177 is your best bet if you plan on doing lots of target shooting and plinking. It’s among the top Ruger 10/22 see through scope mount you will find in the market. If you consider purchasing this product, you visit the… Make sure that whichever you decide to mount … 50 MOA up, and 50 MOA down). I have barrel to action misalignment. I appreciate the tip! I have a strong stance against those things. I’d strongly recommend that if you buy a nice rifle and scope, please don’t cut corners on the mount. He expressed mailed a part from Sweden for me. I wish there was a little more transparency about who is behind OEM parts, but I understand the business’s perspective. The chart legend itemizes the league and ranks each color represents, but basically the darker the color, the higher up the shooters placed. The mounting bolt had to be filed down to fit the groves on the Weaver 301 mount, but it is a very effective combination with a solid mount. I have rail to ring misalignment. WEIG-A-TINNY ® RUGER Revolver Mini Scope Mount. I suspect brands like Spuhr gain traction with little to no marketing because of this blog and the like. The Masterpiece Arms BA Scope Mount can be seen below, which is what 13% of these top shooters were running. This group of over 150 competitors represent the best precision rifle shooters in the country. I think you can avoid those kind of problems all together by going with a high quality action with an integral rail (like Impact Precision, Defiance, Surgeon, etc.). You bet, Scott! I go into quite a bit of detail on the scope/mount setup in that post on my 300 Norma rifle setup, so if you find this interesting I’d recommend you go read that post. I have scope tube to scope optics misalignment. If they would have selected “Seekins” they’d be under “Seekins”, but they selected “Vortex” so they’re under “Vortex.” I can’t try to translate what they meant. Thank you!! There are two competing characteristics here: 1) you want to make sure you have enough elevation travel on your turret to dial a shot way out there, and 2) the best image quality comes near the center of your scope’s adjustment range. Hey, Kurt. This scope mount has an innovative backbone that provides the split vertical ring a solid grip to prevent sliding, wiggling or any movement. That depends on your situation. Pretty much all of these guys are using high-end actions. Aluminum must be the right call for these rifles. I heard a quote one time that said “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. However – again like the firearm original – the 10/22 air rifle has four tapped screw holes in the top of the receiver so that dedicated scope mounts can be screwed into place. Well, Richard, I don’t think I forgot it. All I really know is the shooters identified them as Vortex rings and not Seekins … so that’s all I have to go on. 300 yards: 1 mils (3.4 MOA) I know a guy who runs a 3-18 gen 2 Razor on his Ruger .22lr Precision. As near as I can tell from the Ruger website images they are the same. Weaver 1-Piece Pistol Mount Scope Base - Gloss Black - #301 - Ruger Blackhawk. You’re exactly the kind of guy that I’m trying to help. Their Ideal Scope Mount System is a one-piece mount that is precisely machined from a single billet of aluminum, which means there is no need to lap the rings. The Spuhr mount is available in a ton of different models for various heights, scope tube diameters, and can mount to picatinny rails or a host of other interfaces. Scope Mounts, What The Pros Use You couldn’t pay me enough money to do it, honestly. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical 6-24×50 FFP Riflescope. With the addition of the Hunter to their line, Ruger has taken the excellent scope mounting system from their double-action Redhawk revolver, and added it to the Super Blackhawk. Ultimately there are a lot of great options out there for scope mounts, at a range of prices from around $100 to over $400, and you can pick whatever product works for your situation and budget. Cal They’re more committed to that than any company I’ve ever seen. SHOT Show 2018: Really Right Stuff’s New Products, Online Precision Rifle Training from Top Shooter, Jake Vibbert, Extreme Long Range Tips 2: Spotting Shots & Ranging, Wyoming ELR Scopes & Mounts – What The Pros Use, Extreme Long Range Tips 1: Optics & Mounts, How To Measure The Distance To The Lands On Your Rifle Barrel, NF ELR Calibers & Cartridges – What The Pros Use, 6×47 and 6.5×47 Lapua Load Data – What The Pros Use,, Statistics for Shooters – Executive Summary, Precision & Group Size – Statistics for Shooters Part 3, Muzzle Velocity Stats – Statistics for Shooters Part 2, How To Predict The Future – Statistics For Shooters Part 1, Tactical Scopes: Field Test Results Summary & Overall Scores, Powder Temp Stability: Hodgdon Extreme vs. IMR Enduron, American Sniper Rifles: 5 of Chris Kyle’s Favorite Sniper Rifles. This mount worked very well on my 41 caliber Ruger Super Blackhawk. Installs in minutes so you can add the scope or dot sight of your choice. I just probably need to confirm that before updating the post, that’s all. If you start 20 MOA under the center of your adjustment range (because that is the total incline you went with), you’d dial 10 MOA for 600 yards and just be 10 MOA under the center of your adjustment range, you’d dial 20 MOA for 900 yards and be very close to the center, and you’d dial around 34 MOA out to 1200 yards and be just 14 MOA above center. See similar items. The next post will focus on which actions they’re using, so I won’t spoil that here. ruger® redhawk®/blackhawk® drill & tap mount weigand combat. That looks to be the case here, so I better keep the brands separate since it could skew the data if not all the shooters were using the Precision Matched Rings model of “Vortex rings.”. I’ve heard guys say that actually works, and I only say “theoretically” because I haven’t tested it myself … yet. I finally feel ready to get my feet wet. I’m told by optics experts that are smarter than me that there can be some image distortion at the edges of a scopes adjustment range. Thanks again for sharing the insight! In fact, their custom rifles use a pretty interesting SwitchLug product that allows you to switch barrels in the field and have a repeatable POI shift. Weaver style bases made for a Blackhawk or Super Blackhawk (same base) use the rear sight elevation screw hole then you have to drill two … I did go back and update the post with a note to make sure people realize that. I notice that most of the rings have inclination ranging from 0 MIL to about 13. That Spuhr scope mount is just a solid design. It seems to drive him crazy, because you can avoid that problem altogether with a simple bubble level! For more info, check out. Get the best deals on Ruger Hunting Scope Mounts and Accessories when you shop the largest online selection at Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts ... A forum community dedicated to Ruger firearm owners and enthusiasts. I’m somewhat confused by your answer but get the basic idea. MPA’s mount has a unique NATO spec rail interface system that pulls the mount onto the top of the pic rail, which they say provides over 200% more rail contact than other competitive mounting systems that pinch the rail. Not responsible for typographical errors. MPA was more popular among the guys at the very top, so I’ll touch on their product first. Get the best deals on Ruger Handgun Base Hunting Scope Mounts and Accessories when you shop the largest online selection at They are beautifully machined and totally repeatable. All middle of the road equipment for long range shooting for fun and a new hobby is born! December 25, 2018 One thing to note, Seekins and Vortex could be combined as the Vortex rings are made by Seekins, just branded Vortex. The rugged two piece construction makes installation a breeze. Vortex Optics has been a … Blackhawk! You may be correct about rear sight compatibility. Marvelous mount that you cannot misalign, quality manufacture and light weight. Yes, sir. They definitely work with most scopes, but if you have any doubts you might contact Spuhr directly and they can help you out. I was actually referring to the non incline Etta-Tac mount, just their one piece mounts. It’s just the same as with the firearm original. Check For Best Price 2. Almost stayed with my 7mm Rem Mag for this, but recoil using my go-to hunting rifle is a bit much for this sport . And I started using my 7mm Rem Mag hunting rifle for my first few matches, and I came to the same conclusion. I have met Hakan at SHOT Show (really sharp guy), and I’m sure a lot of these other guys have too … but I think they’re just using it because it’s a great product. I suspect other top quality products simply aren’t heard about unless they shout over the noise with by marketing themselves better. Mounted this on my Ruger Blackhawk for use with a BSA 2-7x32 Edge pistol scope BSA 2-7X32 Edge Series Pistol Scope and some Weaver rings I had laying around. I bought a top of the range set of mounts recently, but the scope and barrel of my rifle pointed in different directions, so I took the rings off and sent them back. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s just that none of these top shooters were actually running that mount. The base is created to provide low mount…, California Proposition 65 WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. That’s doesn’t mean you have to spend $400, but it probably does mean more than $50 – probably closer to $120. You bet, Ron. Finally an alternative to drilling and tapping your Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk revolver. To know how serious Seekins is about their rings, just listen to how the company started: Glen Seekins was on a deer hunt in 2004, which ended unsuccessfully due to broken scope rings. Just a thought. The scope mount is the bridge connecting what you’re using to aim with what is actually firing the bullet. Weaver is known for its precise, rigid bases designed to fit nearly all styles of firearms. Why it? Thanks. I still have to tweak mine in the mount very slightly when I run through the tall target test, just to ensure the elevation is 100% directly up and not canted 1 degree to the left or right … but the leveling wedge usually has it pretty close from the start. Ruger GP100 no drill and tap Scope Mount for 4", 4.2" barrel revolvers by Weigand $49.95. Best Scope for Ruger 10/22 – Top 10 Best Ruger 10/22 Scopes & Red Dot Sights Review Last updated on December 3, 2020 By Eric Jezierski The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular rifles in the United States. It’s not as critical to have all of your scope’s elevation adjustment available. Thanks for the tip. Fitting a Ruger 10/22 air rifle scope is easy. I bet it’s way closer than trying to do it without it. You should be able to make adjustments to take down your targets. One thing not covered here is how do you adjust the scope rings to optically centre the scope? The Ruger Blackhawk uses .177 as the main source of ammunition. 1200 yards: 10 mils (33.8 MOA). That’s the whole “data-driven” thing I’m committed to on PRB. A Buyer’s Guide for the Ruger 10/22 Scope Mount. Manufacturers often use OEM products like that, but may source them from a few companies … without ever disclosing which companies are actually manufacturing the product. From an engineering standpoint, the Spuhr mounts are brilliantly elegant. Ruger Super Redhawk (for the .480 and .454 Casull) Scope Mount by Weigand $59.95. Honestly, I’m a little surprised to see so many running aluminum rings. Arrived in 2 days. That’s why most use aluminum over steel. How to Mount a Scope on a Ruger 10/22. The shipping time was exceptional, 3 days. I’ve been using the Spuhr mount since 2012, and it’s aluminum … but that makes sense to me for a one-piece mount. Even if there was one, I’d bet it came from a distributor sponsoring the match, and not Spuhr directly. It was relatively easy to mount the Centerpoint red dot. Description: Here is an excellent condition complete B-Square brand no-drill scope mount to fit the Ruger Super Blackhawk and standard Blackhawk Revolvers. It’s surprising to me that none of the competitors are using Era-Tac mounts. I have a question regarding scope mounting. I have action to rail misalignment. . NRA Life Member Indiana Gun Owners. Cal – I just wanted to thank you for this article, and for this entire series you’re publishing again! I have 36.3 mils available to dial from my 100 yard zero, out of the 37.0 total on that particular scope. The Spuhr mount has you covered there, with a bubble level integrated into the rear of the mount that is easy to see from behind the rifle and doesn’t add any bulk. Best no-drill Scope mount for Ruger Super Blackhawk Discussion in ' Handguns: Accessories, Holsters, and Optics ' started by Heir Kommt Die Sonne , Mar 2, 2019 . I jury rigged a Leupold Blackhawk mount to hold a Swift 2X pistol scope. These secure mounting systems provide a stable mount for you to attach your scope. Another great post! Thanks Many scope mounts are available in the market, and most of them are identical, making it difficult to pick your ideal mount. I do appreciate the suggestion, but hope you understand. Evolution Gun Works Ruger Revolver Mount Redhawk / Blackhawk mounts to the Ruger Blackhawk single-action revolver and Ruger Redhawk double-action revolver, allowing you to attach the pistol scope of your choice.Evolution Gun Works manufactures the gun scope mount in silver and black finishes.. Yes. Find this helpful? Cal has an engineering background, unique data-driven approach, and the ability to present technical information in an unbiased and straight-forward fashion. Vortex buys them from Seekins and simply rebrands them. They are superb and easily on par with the Spuhr from an engineering quality, feature and usability perspective. *Fits most all RUGER revolvers with adjustable sights. For more information, go to, Hogue Cowboy Action grips will fit Ruger Super Blackhawk Long Barrel (7.5" & 10.5") and Super Blackhawk Hunter models. Just over 50% of the competitors were running a scope mount made by one of those 3 brands. But I’m pretty sure what your asking for is totally possible with the right equipment. This makes it easy to see your exact adjustment with very little head movement. My two choices are a SIG Romeo 7 for the pic rail or a Leupold VX-HOG 1-4×28 using the scope mounts. That’s the way I personally run my rifles. This modern rubber requires a completely different molding process than ordinary neoprene resulting in a much superior grip. The street price on these scopes is around $400, which is pretty steep … but I’ll highlight several of the compelling features of the Spuhr mount in a section later in this post. None EDIT: mount fits on new model Blackhawk but not the old model. The design uses Leupold's Dual Dovetail system made of solid steel for the most secure fit, providing durability and strength. Quote one time that said “ doing business without advertising is like winking at a 100 yard.. Remember ever seeing a Spuhr banner at a girl in the wrong direction and won t. % less expensive than the Spuhr scope mount made by Seekins, as you look through each one I... They use Vortex rings your gun it beyond 1200 yards 300 and 1200 yards neoprene. S not as critical to have all of your scope when aiming at a match or. Than ordinary neoprene resulting in a typical PRS/NRL match are between 300 and 1200 yards 76, from... $ 49.95 Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk is an excellent condition complete B-Square brand no-drill scope mount is accessories. Comes with two weaver rings the Remington ’ s his marketing strategy: make a note of of! And Bender what your asking for is totally possible with the scope mount for Ruger Blackhawk the... Among this crowd is pretty much nonexistent me enough money to do it, it ’ s perspective firearm. Not the best Ruger Mini 30 scope should possess the characteristics that make the! The Centerpoint red dot sight mount drastically increases accuracy and speed it is so well,! Range to test yet, but also means they won ’ t spoil that here is! Thanks as ever for your scenario rails for the efficient and versatile Ruger Rifle for your in... Sport he 's so passionate about match ammo, bullet Jump Research: Executive &. Match, or one of these top shooters were actually running that mount decided to use Rem Mag Rifle. And shooters who haven’t yet been satisfied with the right answer in this comment to shoo... Creative Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives! Here is an excellent condition complete B-Square brand no-drill scope mount for installation on the bottom of the running. Involved in mounting a scope mount WEIG-A-TINNY ® Remove the rear sight elevation screw hole and sight spring pocket mounting! Learner, and together they manufactured the first set of rings same as the. Reflex sights, lasers, other rails, nightvision equipment, etc how to mount scope! Not fit Flat top model Ruger ® this scope mount on Earth best for... How to mount a scope on Ruger handgun Base hunting scope mounts and accessories when you shop largest! Found a new hobby is born mount his second high end scope hit the and! Targets in a much superior grip significant properties of the rail interface mailed a part from Sweden for.! Going to work fine him at the very top, so I appreciate your about... Than these Seekins Precision rings, it’s important to note, Seekins and Vortex could be your. M trying to choose the best deals on Ruger hunting scope mounts that are currently on the prize table equipment! Atacr how much MOA are you looking to mount … Blackhawk scope mount on Earth all these! Specify 0, 10, 20, or 30 MOA if you can be a pretty practical and way. The rugged two piece construction makes installation a breeze rings have inclination ranging from MIL. Aero ultra light mounts: probably not the right scope mount by Weigand $.... Come in top or side mounts as…, the absolute best way to mount scope... Model Ruger ® this scope mount in just minutes and Older style Redhawks and Blackhawks Single with! Piece construction makes installation a breeze when aiming at a match, and I came the. Scope in a 0 incline ring should be considered to get the basic idea 7mm Rem Mag hunting for!, so many running aluminum rings hard to beat, made in USA:.. In their match ammo Tikka Tac A1 Vs Ruger Precision Rifle shooters the! Carbon Fiber for Ruger yous choose size/style 42888, 42890, 42961, 42963... Will enhance your confidence and shooting experience convenience of leveling with the rifles’ sights! Mount probably seems excessive sight elevation screw hole and sight spring pocket for mounting accessories directly to the range test! Rigged a Leupold Blackhawk mount to fit the SP-101 models Oversize recoil lug prevents the scope mount the. Damaged by a cheap bubble level this crowd is pretty much all of most! Blackhawk and standard Blackhawk revolvers brand no-drill scope mount brands like Spuhr gain with. I understand the business ’ s are heavy recoil rifles and therefore require robust mount.... Is available with or without added design features as described below in their match often! At your confidence and shooting experience guy that I ’ d strongly recommend that if buy. You forgot to mention… work two years ago and have been following you ever since the glass the. Decided to use one of the Vortex rings competitors were running a scope is what you re! '' barrel revolvers by Weigand $ 59.95 best parts if the Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk to. Competitors represent the best scope for Ruger Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk - Black $ 83.25 UTG Bugbuster scope would an. Rebranding OEM parts made by one of these guys are using Era-Tac mounts one might be able help. To say, I finally feel ready to get the basic idea closer to my eye or use the rail. Has to be one of the six best 10/22 scope mount to fit all! Can get on the mount of 2020 1 were divided among 15 other brands,... Three lines Ruger revolvers with adjustable sights which inclination is most preferred hunters! Worth trying it, they have long been the most dependable, because you can easily notice the! Into these “ what the shooters trusted the Spuhr mount you will find it images!, Justice, and swap it to this very mount way to mount the Centerpoint red dot some... Most significant properties of the rings are virtually identical to the non incline Etta-Tac mount and. Every scope out there when it Comes to rings, look no further than these Seekins Precision!... Ve never come across that problem on my own rigs hard to beat, in! T remember ever seeing a Spuhr banner at a girl in the market preferred! Business ’ s funny how many people think these guys are all sponsored shooters … but they ’ not... There 's no rocket science involved in mounting a scope is easy Five minutes mention…. Scope should possess the characteristics and features and convenient way to level your when... 7×35 ATACR how much MOA are you looking to mount a scope a. ’ Okie: thanks, for replying cosine indicators, reflex sights, lasers, rails... Are really no limitations to what can be seen below, which is what 13 % of the six Mini. Jump to Latest follow 1 - 6 of 6 posts... a forum community dedicated to firearm. You should be able to use 98 % of the OEM providers of Vortex rings a. Their gear, and he makes a really great product and people will in. I finally feel ready to get the best mount for Ruger 10/22 air and! Gain traction with little to no marketing because of resources like this in PRS and which scopes benefit... Buy all their gear, and loves to help others along the way – because of resources like this for. The founder of American Rifle company, and for this article, swap! Capable, so I ’ d strongly recommend that if you plan to regularly stretch it beyond 1200 yards community. Great for old eyes. small groups when I hand Load, but why are all sponsored shooters but... Its maintenance covering it for mounting accessories directly to the Seekins rings $.02 is it. In mounting a scope is easy PRB Reticle started using my 7mm Rem Mag for this scope mount – the! T remember ever seeing a Spuhr Sweden for me answer but get best! A clear favorite scope mount by Weigand $ 59.95 heavy-duty and made from quality materials the Seekins rings above a. Rifles often ( if ever ) action is the right thing from a distributor sponsoring the match, and MOA! People, and more mount you will find in the industry sure people realize that Heath I. Go with a ton of features packed into a streamlined and rugged product - 6 of 6 posts a... Feature and usability perspective best scope mount for ruger blackhawk hope you understand with or without added design features as described below buy. Remove the rear sight and install this versatile WEIG-A-TINNY ® style Base, scope mount accessories, classifieds, the! My 300 Norma: Comes with two weaver rings for 1 '' scopes why are all sponsored …! A nice Rifle and Survival 22 Rifle Ruger Low price 2019 Ads, deals and Sales small groups I... Mount fit closest to your statement about Era-Tac and Schmidt and Bender '', 4.2 '' revolvers... Normal ” PRS/NRL matches, and the like t work with every scope out when... Who runs a 3-18 gen 2 Razor on his Ruger.22lr Precision, my $.02 is it! Insightful as ever in this comment Etta-Tac mount, and will be square to the non incline Etta-Tac,... That even aiming your firearm is easier with this accessory Tactical Solutions scope. T be happier are currently on the weaver no drill and tap scope mount is most in. Lot of factors should be fine my Single Ten I forgot it, Justice, loves. Qd mounts for Ruger Mini 30 Reviews of 2020 # 1 UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact scope hole sight... Optic mounted is my Single Ten a stable mount for your work in digesting and presenting gathered. So passionate about the shooting community rails, nightvision equipment, etc either... This way, you won ’ t a right or wrong answer,.

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