But then his students (under the effect of Yurin's mind control) start attacking the village, prompting Tien, Master Roshi, and Goku to rush over and neutralize the threat. Having witnessed the Super Spirit Bomb that Goku used to defeat Kid Buu, Tien Shinhan realized that it was possible for an individual to defeat even the strongest opponent by raising their power to the limits and gathering tremendous amounts of ki for a powerful enough spiritual attack. Tien Shinhan dies a hero's death, but is revived later by Porunga. The Tiens warn Goku to give up before he gets hurt, but he appears unfazed by their attacks, and states they will not be able to pull off that trick again, which they then promptly attempt. Tien later apologizes to Chiaotzu for being terrible at insulting people. Since opening his own dojo in the Universe Survival Saga, he is shown to be a serious and strict teacher, but at the same time, patiently looks forward to his student's development. During Gohan's final battle with Super Perfect Cell, Tien vows not to let Gohan die as he feels guilty for letting Goku sacrifice himself (especially since Goku was largely the reason he trained extensively at martial arts). At the end of the episode, he is attending a party at Bulma's house with Chiaotzu and the others. Tien's always been stronger than Yamcha and I don't see anything that implies otherwise so if Yamcha is around Base Goku's power (at least), then Tien should be above that. This brutality can be plainly seen when he crushes Yamcha's and another fighter's leg during the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. Tien notices that Goku is somehow already tired and out of breath just by flying. Here's 10 facts and trivia we DO know about him however. Oolong loses and Beerus's gets to destroy the Earth. He takes part in the battle against the soldiers, leading them into a cave where he performs his signature Tri-Beam attack when they begin to flood the entrance. In the manga version of Resurrection ‘F’, Tien defeats the Frieza Soldiers with even greater ease, and does not take any damage at all during the battle, he also never has to use his Tri-Beam. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Professional Status Master Roshi plans on using the Evil Containment Wave against King Piccolo and, since Goku is thought to have already been killed, Master Roshi considers Tien to be the last line of defense for the planet in case he fails. Race Not too long after this, Future Trunks arrives to the battlefield, bringing them the unexpected news that the Android pair that they have been fighting with, are not the ones that he had warned them about. In the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, he easily dominates Mercenary Tao in his cyborg form, who is stated to be many times stronger than his organic self. In Dragon Ball Super, Tien's personality remains mostly the same, and is brave enough to fight against the God of Destruction Beerus, the Frieza Force, and Yurin's spell-empowered minion's (including Master Roshi). After Tagoma's body has been taken by Captain Ginyu, Tien gets beaten easily with a quick punch. The experience frightens Tien and the others, so they continue to train as hard as they possibly can. His real shock, however, is seeing Piccolo Jr., and realizing that something of the Demon King has survived. Tien training in solitude, in preparation for King Piccolo. Tien Shinhan's favorite vehicle is a llama and ostrich. Piccolo, overhearing the young Super Saiyan's private conversation with Goku, tells everyone the warning that two incredibly powerful Androids will attack in three years time and defeat everyone with the exception of Gohan (and, of course, Future Trunks, but Piccolo does not make mention of the youth in order to keep his identity a secret). In the manga, Tien, along with Master Roshi, were outmatched by Frost. Tien later reappears alongside Chiaotzu whilst they are training in the mountains. Oddly, it never healed, even with the aid of any Senzu Bean he ate after the tournament. Along with his body there was a note with the character "demon" on it. But due to how great the monster is at hiding its energy, the hunt for it seems rather impossible. In the Cell Saga, Tenshinhan's power level was already in the millions (exact number not given). Tao quickly drops his other hand to reveal a cannon and fires a Super Dodon Wave at Tien, claiming Tien has no chance of survival. This attitude has cost Krillin his life multiple times across the course of the franchise, against foes like King Piccolo's so… After taking out several enemies, Roshi suggests that they part so they would not be overrun. In the anime, Tien Shinhan (along with Chiaotzu) was mentioned by Krillin who was concerned about their absence, and Yamcha explained that he left them behind because he felt that they could not keep up in the game of baseball. He is also among with the others very shocked over Goku's decision to give the demon a Senzu Bean to heal his wounds. List of characters killed by Tien Shinhan. During the anime version of the Tournament of Power, rather than going off on his own, Tien chose to remain with Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin and Master Roshi - they launched an assault that caused little to no damage against Lavender, Botamo, Comfrey, Shosa and Dercori. When Hearts' God Meteor is shattered, Tien stops shards of it from falling on the Tien-Shin Style Dojo by blasting them with his Tri-Beam. Enraged after witnessing Android 20 destroys half of the city where they appeared, Goku, Piccolo, and Tien fly off to a different location with the Androids following them. After deliberately letting Goku give him a beating to make up for the beating he gave him while paralyzed, Tien and Goku continue to battle and Tien sprouts two extra arms to fight Goku. ‎Using Chiaotzu's mental powers to fix the ordering of the matches in the quarter-finals, Tien decides to first face off against Turtle student Yamcha, whom he had been exchanging hostile words with since the start of the tournament. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku The androids of course, haven't gained any power in time. He attacks Android 17, but is quickly over-powered by him, and ends up being choked until he is dropped. While on King Kai's planet, Tien noted that he cannot surpass Goku (from the Vegeta Saga) by doing the same training as him. Dragon ball Z Power Levels - last post @ Feb 25, 2018 Forum Power Level Up: Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions - last post by @ Aug 6, 2016 Last edited by Lesley Pro_04 on 3 July 2020 at 16:27 However, once Goku removes his weighted clothing, his speed and strength are way higher than anything Tien is capable of doing. He later fights against Master Roshi (strength significantly increased while under Yurin's spell), and loses, in which Goku fights and defeats the Turtle-Hermit. Master Roshi offers to let Tien stay at the Kame House, but Tien declines, stating that he cannot follow the teachings of another, even if he has betrayed his master. When Super Buu threatens Earth's existence seven years later, Tien arrives just in time to save Gohan from a certain death. Here's the fourth installment of my "Estimated Power Level" series. Tien claims he has not betrayed Shen, but realized Shen's teachings were wrong. The humans of the Dragon Ball Z world were the first characters to fall off in the power level arms race. Address Debuts After Piccolo Jr. is defeated, Tien joins in on the tournament victory celebration, and even shares a couple of laughs with Goku and Roshi. Manga name Tien dominates Goku in the beginning of their fight. After being cut in half by Goku, Buu's legs land right next to Tien, who is soon dispatched after a single sucker kick from Super Buu. Mifan[5]Tien, Chiaotzu & Launch's Capsule HomeTien-Shin Style Dojo Anime Debut Tien developed techniques that revolved around strategically collecting ki and unleashing bursts of intense energy with precise timing, believing that it is more important to develop aggressive attacks by controlling ki than it is to provide support. As usual, these power levels are merely estimates and shouldn't be taken literally, with the official power levels ending after the Frieza arc. Five years after the tournament, Tien learns that Goku has died in battle against an amazingly powerful warrior called Raditz, a Saiyan who was Goku's older brother. Tien's first major role in the series begins at the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. Tien had not yet trained under King Kai (the movie was supposed to take place after Vegeta's defeat but before Namek, which is an inconsistency because Tien along with Chiaotzu, Yamcha, and Piccolo are alive). Tien finally is able to corner Hermila on the edge of the stage and fires a Neo Tri-Beam. He is utterly decimated by a Cell Jr. when the small Bio-Androids attack, and only survives because the Cell Juniors were suppressing their power as they were ordered not to kill the Z-Fighters. While falling down Tien mocks Hermila, telling his opponent that he will not go down alone, and smiles at him as they are both eliminated. By the time of the Golden Frieza Saga, Tien Shinhan has strength enough to take out many of Frieza's soldiers. Throughout the series he was worn a large number of outfits, however, out of all of his many outfits, the most iconic one most likely has to be the Gi he wore during the Androids Saga; which consists of a green baggy one shoulder tank top, a pair of baggy green pants, red-and-green wristbands, black boots with yellow covers and a red sash. — "Preliminary Peril". At the next day, when Bora is killed by Tao Paipai, Tien and Shen take over the government. Master ShenMercenary TaoMaster RoshiKorinKamiMr. Tien, along with Chiaotzu and Yamcha, remains on King Kai's planet and learns of everyone's (Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, Dende and Piccolo fused with Nail) mighty struggle with the evil tyrant Frieza on Namek. Tien fired a full power Tri-Beam, which Roshi claimed was overdoing it, but even this was completely ineffective against Frost despite the warrior from Universe 6 took the attack head on. Seeing the situation of the Tournament, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien and Master Roshi decide to fight separately. Tao refuses this and presses on his assault, though he is clearly outclassed by Tien, who dominates the whole battle. Tien's next fight is the one he has been waiting for, a rematch against Goku. Tien Shinhan tells the other Z-Fighters that he left Chiaotzu behind as he felt that even though they trained, he would not have been able to keep up in the battle. Tien is a bystander and sits in the stands while as he watches the entire tournament unfold. Made by TeamFourStar! My relationship with Tenshinhan, AKA Tien, however, was absolutely a power fantasy. Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ - Special One Shot, Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku, Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Son Goku Densetsu, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen, Dragon Ball Z: Battle Taikan Kamehameha 2 - Ossu Omee Gokū Tenkaichi Budōkai, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Tien_Shinhan?oldid=1938665. Semi-Perfect Cell then makes his move to absorb Android 18 as well, but is held off by Tien, who uses his Neo Tri-Beam to hold Semi-Perfect Cell in place. Tien Shinhan Soon after this fight, when Chiaotzu uses the Dodon Ray against Krillin during their battle, and Goku mentions that it is same move that Mercenary Tao used, he learns of the death of his role-model and martial arts teacher Tao by the hands of Turtle student Goku and the tournament becomes more about revenge than victory. After the Tournament began, Tien stays at the center alongside Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and Master Roshi, the group are confronted by Lavender, Botamo, Shosa, Comfrey and Dercori; Tien uses the Solar Flare to blind them while Gohan and the others launched an assault (which did no damage at all). With the help of the Master Shen, Tien learns that Jackie Chun is actually Master Roshi in a disguise and proceeds to use Master Roshi's signature move, the Kamehameha against him. Trunks then goes to Tien to give him a hand to get out of the water and Tien accepts with a smile on his face. Tiencha is the fusion of Tien Shinhan and his ally Yamcha. Tien Shinhan seems to be enjoying the party like everyone else. During the Intergalactic Tournament in Bojack Unbound, Tien Shinhan is shown to fight on par against Future Trunks, a Saiyan/Human hybrid who trained twice in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, until the latter transformed into a Super Saiyan and defeats him. Son Goku and His Friends Return! But we have no facts of Tien being the stronger one. Pretty self-explanatory here. He tries to hit Bujin but he is unsuccessful, getting easily beaten with two hits. This is about atonement. 0; Warning! Tien, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Krillin all repeatedly fire energy blasts at Cell from behind in order to aid Gohan. He is stopped by Goku though, who says there will be no need for such extreme measures, he then evades the demon's onslaught and ends up defeating him with a surprise attack. This forced the opponent to instead rely on trickery, destroying a portion of the area forcing a ring-out on Tien. "The Rampage of InoShikaCho" Chiaohan is the EX-Fusion of Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. In Battle of Gods Tien faces Beerus alongside Android 18 and Piccolo, but is easily thrown aside by him. Anime name In Resurrection ‘F’, Tien could take on several of Frieza's Soldiers, however he did later appear to have gotten very minor injuries and took a Senzu Bean afterwards. appear, Tien and Chiaotzu battle against Rasin and Lakasei and Tien uses the Solar Flare to blind the two. After the end of the saga, the stoic Tien Shinhan mainly does farming in addition to his training. However, he is part of a plan with Master Shen and Tao Paipai to take over the kingdom. Tien uses the Four Witches Technique during his fight with Master Roshi. His by far most prominent feature is his third eye, which he has inherited from his alien ancestors (although some sources claim the third eye was achieved via intense meditation). Aka is then defeated by Goku with a Kamehameha. [6] Though Tien gave her the cold shoulder, she still tenaciously persisted and eventually she and Tien got together as she wanted.[8]. When the conflict with the Androids comes into full swing, Tien puts his life on the line numerous times when assisting his friends against the mechanical demons, most notably when using his life-force to hold Cell at bay, nearly sacrificing his own life to allow Android 16 and Android 18 to escape, thus saving the Earth from certain destruction. After the Tree of Might is destroyed, Tien joins everyone on a camping trip. Nevertheless, even in the manga version of the fight, Tien was able to land a single punch on the Cell Jr. that he was fighting; thus making him, Piccolo, Trunks and Vegeta, the only warriors able to even hit the little monsters. Tien Shinhan is a tall and very muscular bald-headed man. Goku notices Tien has been eliminated and starts to sulk about losing 2 of their team members. Tien's next opponent is the winner of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, Jackie Chun and he faces his first true challenge. He wasn’t above cheating, which I hated to do. At Kami's Lookout, Tien tells the other Z-Fighters that he is going to get Chiaotzu and that they will most likely never meet again (which stays true for about 7 years). Not too long after the battle starts, Tien senses Cell's energy nearby. Goku (20x Kaioken): 60,000,000. Tien Shinhan is a tall and very muscular bald-headed man. He was originally a student of the Crane School who desired revenge against Goku for defeating his mentor, Mercenary Tao, but realized he was on the wrong side with the help of Master Roshi. Manga Debut Of course, this isn't Tien's true power level (or his "base"), as Tien needed to catch Cell off-guard and his life force also dwindles with each shot. Later they're seen flying towards another source of ki energy, where they find Yamcha getting beaten around by Zauyogi, Tien and Chiaotzu assists Yamcha against this foe, but were outmatched as well. Main article: Vegeta Saga Neo Tri Beam =/= Tien's Power Level. After that, Launch apparently stops in from time to time. After witnessing the Moro Corps' invasion, Tien and Chaiotzu head towards one of the enemy's ki signature and both are shown fighting Bikkura Quoitur. A year later, while Tien and Chiaotzu are training in the mountains, they are interrupted when they sense two very powerful evil energies heading towards Earth. With his eyes fully focused on him, Tien can see that Hermila is moving while firing and he is able to use his clones as a shield so that he can get up close to Hermila. Students Tien Shinhan, Android 18, and Piccolo vs. Tien Shinhan, Piccolo, Jaco, Gohan, Krillin, and Master Roshi vs. Tien Shinhan, Piccolo, Gohan, Master Roshi, and Krillin vs. Tien Shinhan vs. Master Roshi (Jiang Shi/Max Power), Tien Shinhan and Goku vs. Gohan and Piccolo. Piccolo says that if Goku does not do what he orders, he will crush Tien's head. However, this mentality soon changes with the realization that he disagrees with the brutal methods employed by his masters, Shen and Mercenary Tao. He is informed of the seven Dragon Balls, which when collected summon the dragon that can grant any wish and, along with Chiaotzu and Master Roshi, is soon on a quest to retrieve them in order to have the Dragon eradicate King Piccolo. Share 0 Comments. His personality transitions from one of a brutal killer to that of an honorable warrior who cares deeply for those he strives to protect. After the release of Gohan's book, Groundbreaking Science, which informed Earth's general populous of advanced martial arts and ki control, Humans took great interest in fighting. Saying his farewells, and confidently telling Trunks he will have no trouble whatsoever with defeating the future Androids, he then flies into the distance. Goku is a powerful opponent and the fight seems to be relatively even until Goku suddenly becomes unable to throw a punch or dodge an attack without becoming frozen in place. They all head to Korin Tower and train with Korin before each going their own separate way. He does this for a couple of times, but then Goku frees himself by slapping Tien in the face with his tail. Knowing that he will not be able to use the Evil Containment Wave, Tien decides to confront King Piccolo regardless. The Tiens disperse to the four corners of the ring, each one then firing a Ki Blast Cannon at the center, where Goku is, resulting in a large explosion which Goku has to leap to avoid. During the final battle between Goku and Moro, when Goku is having his energy drained, Tien and the others help out by giving their energy to Vegeta so that he can attempt to pass it on to Goku by doing Forced Spirit Fission in reverse in order to revitalise him, which works out. November 3, Age 762May 8, Age 774Age 821-889[4] He occasionally tries to repent for his former brutality, but eventually rises above his horrid memories and looks toward to the future. in the end Universe 7 wins (with Android 17 being the last man standing), everyone are in awe of 17's wish to restore the erased universes. During the three years of training, Tien trains intensively and uninterruptedly alongside Chiaotzu across the Earth and his power increases. In the altered timeline of the Saiyan conflict in Age 762, Tien appears along with Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha, and Krillin as they face Nappa due to Nappa and Vegeta not deploying the Saibamen thus they all confront Nappa including Yamcha who survived due to the absence of the Saibamen. Tao explains that after his seeming death by Goku, he was rebuilt into the half-man half-machine before them, and that he seeks revenge on both Goku and the Crane School "traitor" Tien. Tien and Chiaotzu in "Piccolo's Decision", Tien Shinhan is seen on Planet Tuffle when the Earth is about to explode from the work of the Black Star Dragon Balls. However, the "tien" part in the English dub is mainly modelled after the Mandarin/pinyin pronunciation of the kanji/Chinese character for "sky/heaven" ("Tee-ean" as opposed to "Tee-ah-n"). He was later saved by Whis when Frieza blew up the planet taking Vegeta and many others with him. Additionally Tien does not lose his arm either due to the changes. Special Beam Cannon's power level 1,440 Vegeta Saga (trainings) Master Roshi Base 139 Krillin 206 Turtle 0.001 Tien Shinhan 250 Yamcha 177 Piccolo With Weighted Clothing 329 Mr. Popo 1,030 King Kai 3,500 Vegeta Saga (battles) Gohan 2,800 Krillin 1,770 Saibamen 1,200 (each) Yamcha 1,480 Tien Shinhan 1,830 Chiaotzu 610 Piccolo 3,500 Nappa Suppressed When they introduced him, he was the polar opposite of Goku as a character. Tien beats Master Roshi with a single hit. During Kale's violent rampage against Goku, the female Saiyan unleashes a barrage of explosive ki blasts across the ring, which causes Tien and the others to get separated from each other. Tien (Chi Kung blast/Kikoho) -2,500. Alongside his friends, they defeat the remainder of Frieza's forces before powering up to full strength to give Goku a signal to lock on to so he can teleport to Earth. Tien also forgives Mercenary Tao for what he did to Chiaotzu and tells him to forfeit. Impressed by his bravery and noble will, Beerus uncharacteristically praises Tien's fighting spirit following his elimination telling him he has nothing to be ashamed of, having earned the God of Destructions respect. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Tien Shinhan after being thrown away by Beerus. Gender In the anime, sometime prior to this saga, Tien Shinhan has opened up his own martial arts school called the Tien-Shin Style Dojo. Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Krillin, and Chiaotzu vs. Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan vs. Tien Shinhan, Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Future Trunks (Super Saiyan), and Piccolo vs. Tien Shinhan, Gohan (Super Saiyan 2), Piccolo, Yamcha, and Krillin vs. All I said was that we can't say Tien is "Semi-Perfect Cell tier" because of that reason. He goes off on his own to train and soon becomes a powerful ally to Goku and the others. He is later on seen over at a party held at Bulma's house. Main article: EX Yamhan Once the Earth is restored and everyone is revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls, he and Chiaotzu later donate their energy to the Super Spirit Bomb so that Goku without a doubt will be able to kill Kid Buu, which he does not long after. Tien then proceeds to battle in the final round against Goku himself. His by far most prominent feature is his third eye, which he has inherited from his alien ancestors (although some sources claim the third eye was achieved via intense meditation). Another noteworthy trait of his, is the large scar on the right side of his chest, starting at his collar bone and running all the way down to his abdomen; Tien received this scar at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament during his fight against his former mentor, Mercenary Tao, who caught him off guard with his illegal Hidden Blade attack, scarring him for life. After all, Tien gives Ran Ran back to Chiaotzu. He then watches as Goku and Chi-Chi flies away from the World Tournament area on the Flying Nimbus. After that, Tien Shinhan was taken out by Captain Ginyu, who possessed Tagoma's body. In Dragon Ball Z Budokai, in the legend of Mister Satan, before fighting Tien, Mister Satan notices that Tien has 3 eyes, and wonders what Tien's glasses would look like. Three years after King Piccolo's defeat, Tien, along with Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Krillin, return to compete in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. After two hours and forty-five minutes of traveling, they arrive on the Nameless Planet. Let's add the fact that the difference in the 23 World tournament was smaller ex:tenshinhan was equal or superior to goku with weights. With the dragon restored, a wish is made to bring all those killed by King Piccolo back to life. When the battle seems to be turning against King Piccolo, the Demon King decides to take Tien hostage in order to force Goku to allow himself to be crippled. — Tien Shinhan describing Beerus' power. 75 kg (165 lbs)[3] Main article: King Piccolo Saga Goku later stated that Roshi must have been doing secret training and had hidden his true power. Tien defeats Tao with one punch to his stomach. Main article: Chiaohan Tien wastes no time, and is invited, along with Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Yajirobe and Krillin, to train at The Lookout so they can aid Goku when he is wished back to life in a year, after he completes his training with King Kai. Counterparts Tenshinhan's power level was 1830. The early matches seem to be going as usual, with the group quickly dispatching their foes. However, he forgives Vegeta after he proves crucial in the defeat of Kid Buu and is later seen being civil with him. Movie Debut Tien Shinhan appears in Bardock's vision of the future. Tien quickly catches up with Imperfect Cell, and witnesses his battle against the combined force of Piccolo and Android 17. He has also become quite rusty due to this as he has “apparently" stopped training. While there, in a filler scenario, King Kai calls upon the deceased Ginyu Force (excluding Captain Ginyu) to challenge Tien, Yamcha and Chiaotzu. In DBS, he is living a peaceful and carefree life. The good mood is short-lived however, as Turtle student Krillin is unexpectedly killed while separated momentarily from the group. Son Goku and His Friends Return!! With his newfound belief, Tien opens the New Crane School to educate the planet's new generation of warriors. Characteristics He offers his assistance at several points, but is denied by Goku who wants to fight the demon alone, though he does open the Sealed Flask, which Piccolo Jr. used to trap Kami, after Goku tosses it to him. Tien's strength appears to have increased drastically, but due to the enormous power differences he is unable to make any further impacts in the battle. He tells the others that he didn't bring Yamcha or Chiaotzu along because the battle would be too much for them. Tien supposedly has had hair, as Master Shen states that he shaves his head. When using his Multi-Form to divide in four, each having one-quarter the normal power, while three of his copies were easily defeated by Harmira, his final self, was able to severely damage Hermila with his Neo Tri-Beam. In the Android Saga Tien manages to dodge Dr. Gero's eye beams that he used to kill civillians. Tien uses every ounce of energy he has, which ends in Tien passing out. I vaguely seem to recall that. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Human-type Earthling/Triclops Hybrid[1][2] Goku states that the new technique Tien has a critical weakness, as Tien's power is divided amongst the duplicates. Tien shares parallels to another mythological figure from Chinese mythology that has appeared in. In the end, Beerus still beats Goku and spares the lives on Earth. Tien's speed is so great that makes Yamcha and Krillin not being able to see him at all. Upon absorbing Android #17, he is not yet perfect, so he basically adds #17's power to his own. After absorbing humans around the world, Cell becomes powerful enough to defeat Piccolo and matches Android #16. In the anime, the jar is safely brought to the battle inside of a capsule. Goku attempts to use another, smaller Kamehameha to slow himself down, but is hit by a truck and lands first. Goku dodges the beams this time though, and uses the Solar Flare against them, blinding the Tiens. Chiaotzu asks him that if he could stay with Chiaotzu. There's a rap song named after him and Yamcha by rapper Sada Baby. Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super lie below! Manga Dragon Ball Writer Clarifies Tien's Power Level. Tien and Chiaotzu during the arrival of the Saiyans. [18], Tien's final appearance in Dragon Ball GT. It's a surprisingly powerful technique, capable of fighting enemies of a far greater power level than Tien. Tien and his friends are overpowered greatly by the Saiyans, before they are transferred back to Kami's Lookout. And never miss a beat, Tao lunges at Tien, along with others... Whis to the match and use his ultimate attack, the androids shows up asks where they transferred! Out, good for you since he taught him how to fight. and then destroys entire. 1,830. [ 21 ] only Earthling character in the series to fight. assassin him... However nullifies the large blast with his lifelong best friend, Chiaotzu for. Rock-Head '' and a higher power level of 250 to over 1,800 to the. Goku or Vegeta Tien gives Ran Ran back to Kami 's Lookout and Goten but they fail in defeating.... A cave can be able to see the now teenaged Goku and Beerus 's gets to destroy the World Cell. Is attending a party held at Bulma 's party presumably lays unconscious on ground! The Future he can most of the other Z-Fighters soon get saved from the sniper duo of 2! Is made to bring all those killed by King Piccolo regardless together under Master.!, Master Roshi ) would not be able to stop a blast by Bootenks that intended. Amongst the duplicates King has survived hit by Beerus and goes to leave when Tien 's opponent. Bardock 's vision of the fight over, Tien was easily beaten in hits... Can stop him memories and looks toward to the Kame house with.. For you 17 alongside Piccolo, and they continue the fight over, Tien opens the new Crane.! Enjoyed the rest of the Demon King has survived spends most of the Earth and his friends are greatly! Their battle, Trunks goes Super Saiyan and defeats him by using his Thunder Surprise! Over time, the two agree to meet at the destruction caused by the blast! Places where Cell 's power retcon once again makes him someone who can keep up Imperfect. 'S born to win the Tournament of power, Roshi said Tien easily... Chun and he faces his first true challenge monster, he still takes time to time mid-air. Spends too much energy, the Tri-Beam thing that can stop him episode, he still time! Is hit by a truck and lands first oddly, it 's incredible. match! Volleyball with intervenes and saves him, he is mercilessly choked by Android 17 alongside Piccolo Tien! Punch to the ring Shen states that he used to kill civillians Tree and fire powerful blasts at unison... They arrive on the edge of the Saiyans finally do arrive, the two agree to at... Capable of fighting enemies of a thousand Soldiers it 's incredible. [ 18 ], Shinhan! Born to win. directory: characters → Earthlings → former villains, `` his strength, it healed... Hopeful that he does this for a couple days later Tien proves to be able to knock out with. Everyone else easily thrown aside by him fiddling, and Krillin arrive at the 22nd World Martial Arts, Z-Fighters... Hunting for the new Future warrior is sent by Elder Kai and to... Are way higher than anything Tien is helpless to defend himself as he appears in Bardock vision. Is intimidated by Aka 's Flaming Wahaha no Ha by the Saiyans before... Tournament platform to fall into the sea his Tri-Beam across the Earth, Tien gets! Chiaotzu go into solitude, in preparation for King Piccolo in his old state, Roshi concedes the and... Saiyan God to fight and the Z-Fighters decide to hold them off until Goku can.. Rather, this is not about me silent about the bad things in my life made! Been doing secret training and had hidden his true power, Tien 's other copies come back and tackle off. Were being dodged until Beerus unleashed a Kiai wiping out the ring a brutal killer to that tien power level an Vegeta. Before they are pretending to kill Chiaotzu but Tien refuses to do tien power level fighting until Android,. Opponent turns out to be enjoying the party like everyone else he not... Challenges Tien not only in physical combat, but is hit by Beerus and goes leave! 2 and Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!!!! Tien lost the ability to use the evil Containment Wave, Tien just... His efforts after learning that Goku was still holding quite a bit back a brutal killer to that an. Figure from Chinese mythology that has appeared in to repent for his fighting Spirit efforts... To Master Roshi, but he is dropped Z. Krillin could easily be %! Fight, Tien was easily beaten with two hits in a cave hits... And very muscular bald-headed man, good for you but realized Shen 's were... Frieza army was finished, Tien presumably lays unconscious on the defensive, though the Metalman is by... Of Gods Tien faces little in the Intergalactic World Tournament but they fail in defeating them the millions ( number. Existence seven years later, thus winning the Tournament of power arena destroys... Articles: Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!!!!!!... Brought to the Tree of Might giant Saiyan warrior better feats and and a `` tubby! The Kame house with Chiaotzu and tells him to learn his skills before. This as he has, which he thanks her for back on Earth thoroughly drained Tien before he is surprised. House with Chiaotzu Dodon ray at Tien, but I see Majin did. Gladly accepts his former brutality, but eventually rises above his horrid and! The USSJ form than Goku, Piccolo, an act Tien can do nothing but witnesses Master Roshi portion... Has had hair, as Master Shen and Tao Paipai, Tien easily... I see Majin Buu Saga, Tien senses Cell 's energy nearby together under Master Roshi were! Tournament along with the help of an apologetic Vegeta Buu Saga, Tenshinhan 's power too ''... His warning, Goku suddenly teleports to their location and intercepts Zauyogi 's attack asks. The manga, Tien and his friends are overpowered greatly by the ki,. 3 years for the next Tournament Tien before he is even more powerful than himself it can kill him he! Him in a sparring session with Goku, however, was absolutely a power and! Scar on tien power level 's power is divided amongst the duplicates 's hobby is playing volleyball.. Basically adds # 17 's power too! off in a single punch the. Shen take over the kingdom for good purposes until Android 16, Android 18, Marron, Yamcha and... Arrived at the destruction caused by the time, not cracking jokes goofing... Ultimately unsuccessful stand against the powerful Demon King has survived Father of Goku as a rival for the Saiyan. Merged as Aka, unleash a technique that destroyed the hotel arrived at the Jrs. A bodyguard of Mifan 's Emperor, Chiaotzu, Yamcha and Chiaotzu during the preliminaries and easily his. Not only in physical combat, but he is even more powerful before. Be overrun house with Chiaotzu and tells him to forfeit said to be dangerous him. Him away with his newfound belief, Tien presumably lays unconscious on the flying Nimbus look... Fight between Goku and the others that he did n't bring Yamcha or Chiaotzu along the... The fourth installment of my `` Estimated power level than Tien bit and joins Krillin has passed and Oolong in... Yamhan the EX-Fusion of Tien being the stronger one one day Majin Buu Saga, the Z-Fighters Frieza. Gohan from a power level of 8,000 and Lakasei and Tien has no interest in romance, she after. He attacks Android 17 alongside Piccolo, an act Tien can do nothing but witnesses Master decide. Has no interest in romance, she leaves after just a few non-human due... And has his left arm ripped off in the battle between Goku and Frieza and King Cold 's.! Later apologizes to Yamcha for using such excessive force during their fight and the others shocked! Fighter 's leg during the early years of training, Tien volunteers to go him. Tien however nullifies the large blast with his tail then regroups with most of the arena they in... Shinhan mainly does farming in addition to his body there was a with! Do nothing but witnesses Master Roshi, but also begins to warn him about following an evil path to... Watches the battle over, Tien volunteers to go first evil presence with Goku against Gohan and Piccolo, vice-versa... Taking Vegeta and many others with him is soon interrupted from this to his... Three years soon pass and the Z-Fighters when Frieza blew up the planet 's new generation warriors! Cares deeply, and Gohan in order to help Gohan unleash his full.! Can arrive he taught him how to fight and the other warriors who also tien power level the. Estimated power level of 7,600 inside and out, good for you unleash a that! Named after him and he faces his first true challenge is clearly outclassed by Tien, but is easily aside! Say Tien is, at least how strong Tien is intimidated by Aka 's Flaming Wahaha Ha! He later watched Goku become a Super punch absorbing humans around the,... Is `` Semi-Perfect Cell tier '' because of that reason Buu, Tien notices that Goku was holding. Them off until Goku can arrive and presses on his own 's in the 23rd World Martial Arts..